Slow down mummy…Really?


I wrote this little poem a while ago when Facebook was awash with photos of beautiful little babies and lots of poems and sentiments that really made me feel bad for doing anything other than gazing lovingly at my own little darlings.

Slow down mummy…Really?

I’m writing this in protest at the constant guilt I face,
From not being able to “slow down” and sit still in one place.

I know I have three children who are growing every day,
I know this by the endless stream of toys to put away!
I love my children dearly and we do have lots of fun,
But that is only after, at least SOME jobs are done.

If I were really to slow down and leave the cobwebs be
To stop laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping.
What chaos would I see?

Well I can guarantee you that the clothes won’t wash themselves,
And within say 40 minutes, there’d be no food in the shelves.
There wouldn’t be packed lunches, or uniform for school.
The baby and the toddler would not eat at all.

The bottles would be unwashed, the floors would be mess.
Tarantulas would rule the house in an hour I would guess.
The children would be covered in jam and who knows what,
There would be no loo roll and I would lose the plot!!

The busy, hectic life I lead ensures that all is good.
My children are all clean and fed
And loved and understood.

So I will NOT feel terrible for getting so much done,
‘Cause really what I’m doing, is just being a mum.

Sarah. X


5 thoughts on “Slow down mummy…Really?

  1. Haha I know what you mean, there’s only a certain amount of slowing down and gazing lovingly that can happen! Although I do love those poems as they give me an excellent excuse not to dust my house. But there’s a bare minimum which has to be achieved for sure! Love the rhyming, so clever. #StayClassyMama


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