Ode to the Hairy Chair

Following a thread from the Facebook Page of The Unmumsy Mum that made me laugh until I cried I have written a poem about Emma Roddick’s ‘Hairy Chair’. Here is the link to said thread so that you too can marvel at the wonder of the Hairy Chair!

Ode to the Hairy Chair

Behold here comes the hairy chair,
Take some time to stop and stare.
Wonder as the tassels dangle,
It looks so bad from any angle.

And yet it is now bang on trend,
From the Shetland Isles to Lands End.
People cry “I must have that!
I love a bit of vintage tat.”

In the glossy magazines
Ideal home, Harpers and Queen (I know it’s now Harpers Bazaar, but that doesn’t rhyme!)
The hairy chair is sought and prized
Though taste is clearly compromised!

You can purchase these from Ruth’s boutique,
I think the term is “Retro Chic”
It fits any room that’s calm and mellow
And only comes in ‘mustard Yellow’.

You too can marvel at its glory
Amidst the hairy chair furore
So take some time to stop and stare,
‘cause we all love the hairy chair!

Sarah. X

Tots 100 Awards

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