And I think to myself what a wonderful world?

I will begin this post with an apology for my recent absence from the blog, at the moment I am in the midst of completing a mountain of course work and trying to set up and operate a new business as well as looking after three children and keeping them all fed and watered. The house is an utter state and there are more clothes waiting to be put away than there are in the wardrobes… terrible mother!

I was trying to think of an analogy to describe my current state of mind yesterday. I thought of spinning plates and juggling, but I concluded that these are too coordinated. Right now I feel like I’m batting for a baseball team, blindfolded, with 10 pitchers hurling balls at me from all directions whilst I spin around with the bat in the hope I might hit some balls before one knocks me out!

And then, in the depths of self-pity, reality gave me a good slap in the face with the desperately sad and sudden loss of Jo Cox, MP, fellow mum and wife. Sadly, until now, I knew little of this lady and I dare say she knew nothing of me, but in that moment when the news was read out that she had died I felt the sadness of the situation like she was a close friend. I felt the loss of her family and the desperation and despair of her husband and children.

This was perhaps heightened for me because last month two beautiful young children and their father were also suddenly and unfairly bereaved of their mother and wife in my husband’s family leaving a void and deep sadness in their lives forever.

Both these happenings have led me to hug my children that little bit tighter and tell them a little more often how much I love them. They have made me stop and breathe the fresh air, spend more time with my husband and above all made me appreciate how fleeting life can be.

As I’ve grown older and my life experiences have unfolded I have become more philosophical about life. Now, being the wrong side of 35 and a mum (which has changed my views on pretty much everything) I am much calmer and in less of a hurry to get places. I have seen how fragile life can be and yet how robust people are. I have witnessed births and I have watched people die and I have come to accept these comings and goings as part of a process. I don’t mean to go all ‘Lion King’ on you and ramble on about the circle of life, but maybe Simba and chums had a point?!

The last couple of weeks in particularly, have really magnified the horrors and wonders of life on and off this planet and the capacity for extremes in human nature. The horrific massacre in Orlando and the heartless murder of Jo Cox, both occurred because of misguided beliefs of other human beings and yet in the same week the amazing feats of Tim Peake and his fellow astronauts have completely blown my mind and restored my faith in humanity.

That we can do astonishing things as humans and that there is more to this life than fear and hatred gives me hope that my own children will live happy and safe lives that will allow them to thrive and enjoy their time on (or off) this planet.

I believe that there is more good in the world than bad, and I for one am going to take more time to marvel at the small and simple things in my everyday life. I believe that we should love and be loved and that we should seize each day that comes to us. You never know what’s round the corner or when your world will be turned upside down, but you can’t spend your life living in fear, because sometimes what’s around the corner is out of this world!

Enjoy your day everyone.

Sarah. XX

PS: Louise has confirmed that I have indeed turned into a hippy after she read this blog!

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4 thoughts on “And I think to myself what a wonderful world?

  1. A very spot on post, there’s so much bad news in the world and many people commenting negatively but I firmly believe that most people are good and as usual it’s the minority who are trying to impose their warped beliefs onto the rest of us using violence and hatred. I too treasure the simple things and make the most of every day xx


  2. Really well said, and I know exactly where you’re coming from. Sometimes life just seems so hard and cruel, but the news is often weighted in the favour of publishing the worst of things and not often the best, so I suppose all we can really do is look closer to home for our validation that everything is not irretrievably screwed! X

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  3. It’s difficult to see the good in the world after things like Orlando and Jo Cox ; but the pictures I’ve seen on Twitter of pride this weekend in London have shown there’s still plenty of Peace love and understanding around ! #stayclassy


  4. However hippy this may be, I love it. It’s so true our time is so precious, and sometimes I worry that a lot of mine is spent on my phone or computer (as I sit here writing on my phone haha). The day before I went back to work after maternity leave I had a similar realisation to you, that every moment counts. That I need to hug my son a little longer each night. It’s really sad hearing about these instances in Orlando and with Jo Cox but in a way, it’s a good reminder to live each day as if it was your last. Hakuna Matata! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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