If you’re Hippy and you know it!

Following my last post where Louise concluded that I had definitely turned into a Hippy, I thought I would embrace my inner hippiness and carry on! With current events in politics swamping the news with fear and scaremongering I’ve decided to follow the happy festival goers to Glastonbury (in spirit anyway) and join in with the peace and love!

I won’t lie, I am insanely jealous of those in the mud at Glastonbury. There was a time (20 years ago) when Louise and I would pack some clean pants and a few wet wipes in a ruck sack, sling a crate of lager on our shoulders and dance in the mud with the best (and worst) of them!

We’ve had some amazing times at festivals as we whined along with Alanis Morissette and witnessed the phenomenon that was the talented David Bowie, and I really miss the excitement and variety of festival life, or at least I think I do. Being a little older and hygienically aware I might take a nice camper van, with a shower, clean toilet and wine fridge, should I ever return to the mystical lands of Glastonbury. Maybe one day…

However life has changed considerably since the heady, soggy, muddy, E.coli filled days of our youth. This year I have decided that I will not allow the minor matter of three children to interfere with my hippy dreams. In fact it is now the children who truly make my life a riot of festival fun every single day! Here’s how they do it…just for their ol’ mum!

  • Sleep deprivation: To get the true sleep deprived look of a festival goer you must endure late nights, sleep that is interrupted by the random screams and shouts of other people, and where possible you must shiver whilst trying to sleep on a cold hard floor with inadequate covers. – Check!
  • Dancing in the rain and mud: Thanks to the forward thinking hippy tendencies of Peppa Pig and family jumping up and down in muddy puddles is now a compulsory family pastime for everyone! Also, having three outdoor loving children, I am often found dancing in the rain and wading through the mud! Thanks kids.
  • Blasting out tunes: Oh the ‘banging festival tunes’, or is it my head?! If I’m honest, my musical tastes have always been somewhat eclectic so anything could have come blaring out of my CD player at any minute. But now I have a clear style of music that fills all of the memory space on my phone, my iPad and pod The screams and wails of Alanis and the musical talents of Mr Bowie have been replaced by the screams and wails of Disney princesses and the musical ‘talents’ of Mr Tumble! Whatever the music, we’re not fussy, we play it loud and sing along!
  • Dealing with the stench of other people’s bodily makings… thank you Glastonbury for equipping me for this joy of motherhood.
  • Eating questionable food: Festival food can be somewhat of a gamble, probably not so much now, but two decades ago was a different story and I survived on a diet of noodles and beer for the duration… Mmmmmm, now I’m hungry! As a mother I try (sometimes) to feed my family healthy and nutritious food, but they generally moan about it, push it around the plate and then help themselves to a Petit Filous! Except the baby, he throws his food on the floor to save for later, when he will happily eat hardened spaghetti bolognaise and congealed sauce. Give them a load of 50p pizzas and ‘cheap as’ chips, and their plates are clear in 2 minutes. Terrible parenting, but I have learned from my festival life that sometimes crap food is necessary!
  • Prancing barefoot in the wet grass: I love it when it rains in the summer time. Warm rain and that amazing fresh smell is my absolute favourite and in my hippy youth I would often wander around barefoot in the wet grass. And now, thanks to my brilliant children I can continue my favourite activity whilst making my way across the garden to put the bins out!

So I dedicate this blog post to my three beautiful children. Thanks for making every day of my life just like a day at Glastonbury! I love you all.

Sarah. X




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11 thoughts on “If you’re Hippy and you know it!

  1. Oh those carefree days of dancing the night away on diamond white cider, I’m glad that I’ve done it…as for camping, glamping or the rest, I can just about manage a top of the range caravan with en-suite and I think thats good going and down with the kids!:) lovely post x

    mainy – myrealfairy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha this is so true!! another thing that reminds me of being at a festival is having ‘a shower’, i.e. using wet wipes and dry shampoo (taken to my first Reading festival and now a daily essential of mine)…


  3. I didn’t do Glastonbury but I did Leeds Fest and V Fest. I would love to go back and when Little R is slightly older I plan to take her with my husband, it would be amazing! Parenthood is definitely like a festival and today Little R and I have been outside all day, playing music, eating and drinking (although only squash). We have both been in shorts and t-shirts so it’s definitely like being back there! #chucklemums


  4. I miss the concept of festivals but not so much the practicalities of wading through mud, eating dodgy expensive food and having some muppet light their farts in the next tent down and piss on your tent as you sleep in it!! #chucklemums


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