Baking Bad

There I was feeling a bit glum, knowing my chances to publish anything on the blog over the holidays were extremely slim given the full on-ness of keeping the children alive and entertained every single day for six weeks.

Then one rainy day the girls had the idea of making a ‘cookery show’ which we could film and show Daddy when he returned from work. In that moment I knew this had blog potential and instantly whipped out the guitar. If Katie from CBeebies ‘I can cook’ sings about hand washing , so will we goddammit. 10 minutes of jang-jangling (sorry Jenny next-door) 3 terrible chords and a quick raid of the dressing up box and we were ready to perform our very own hand wash song.

I set the camera up and let it roll whilst we attempted to make cheesy scones.

It was pretty shambolic if I’m honest and certainly not the slick, professional show that my eldest had imagined. (She was mortified when she saw I had included the ‘accident with the cheese grater’ in the final cut.)

My husband was impressed but felt that, since I had called it ‘Baking Bad’, we needed the  actual Breaking Bad theme tune at the end. A quick Youtube search and another raid of the dressing up box was all it took. Out came the youngest’s ukulele, which Hubby promptly learnt the tune on, using a kaleidoscope as a slide – obvs, a saucepan, a maraca and an old box. The result? Something very bashy , yet strangely recognisable.

So, here it is, our first ever episode of ‘Baking Bad’…

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8 thoughts on “Baking Bad

    1. Cream and jam on a cheese scone? Does that work? I did slap on a fair amount of butter but they still stuck to the roof of my mouth – hence the obscene amount of noisy mastication. Kept the kids quiet for a few minutes though! #chucklemums


  1. Hahah I love the part where Holly says her hands smell like poo. Literally laughing out loud on the train home right now. I think this was the best bad cooking session I’ve ever seen lol. I have to be honest though the eldest seems pretty with it, she is exceeding my expectations of bad ; ). Thanks for the laugh and sharing with .#StayClassyMama!


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