Advocate Mummy


Advocate Mummy is one of those people who likes to tell her friends, who don’t have children, how wonderful it is to have them.

Advocate Mummy can’t wait for her childless friends to start their own families and join the Mummy club.

Advocate Mummy tries her hardest to make other people broody by making them sniff the top of her baby’s head. ‘Mmmm’ she says, ‘Isn’t that the loveliest smell?’

Advocate Mummy tells everyone about how euphoric her childbirth experience was.

And how magical it feels to breastfeed.

And how cosy it is to have your child lying next to you in bed.

And how rewarding parenting is.

And how hilariously funny toddlers are.

And how having babies has brought her and her partner closer together and made their relationship even stronger.

And how her life hasn’t really changed that much at all and the children just fit right in.

And how there is never a ‘perfect time’ to have a baby so now is as good a time as any.

‘Tick tock’ Says Advocate Mummy ‘Don’t leave it too late!’

Advocate Mummy really does like to recommend having babies to all of her friends.

Advocate Mummy’s friends listened carefully to Advocate Mummy and one by one they fell for Advocate Mummy’s mean trick.

‘Mmmmmwwwwahahahahahahaha!’ laughed Advocate Mummy



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