Mummy, Get off your phone!

One Friday night recently, whilst tucking my 7 year old daughter in to bed, she dropped a bombshell on me. The fateful words that I’ve been dreading for a long time, were finally uttered. Words that made me cringe. Words that hit me with a thwack, like a cucumber to the bosom. And caused me more pain than a friction burn from the drop slide.

“Mummy, you’re always looking at your phone. I mean, you’re always on it, every time I look at you you’re like (mimes holding a phone up to her face, her mouth and eyes open wide, tongue slightly protruding over the bottom lip and finger waggling up and down the front of the imaginary phone)”.

Oh. Shit.

Have I really become the type of mum I never wanted to be? The scroller, the checker, the distracted by pointless bull shit mum?

Part of me crumbled when she said those words and I made a decision there and then to

change. my. ways.

Or at least get better at hiding when I want to check Facebook!!

Here’s the thing; Our kids don’t yet have any gadgets. Despite the fact that I am a blogger and therefore a total slave to social media, (and therefore a total hypocrite) I actually consider us a ‘low-tech’ family. We are holding off for as long as we can from letting our children have iPads, phones, computer consoles and other ‘screens’ (although they do watch shit loads of telly). I don’t judge people who do let their children have these things of course, it’s simply a decision we have made and it seems to be working out ok for now.

So you can see the irony of this situation. My children are nagging ME to put my phone away!

But I’m glad. It was the dig in the ribs that I needed to snap me out of the bad habit I had got in to. In my defence, I don’t think that I am any worse than any other average phone user parent – but my children aren’t keeping a close eye on the others are they?

I didn’t argue or try and defend myself to my daughter though. I thanked her for letting me know and told her that she was right and that I’d stop looking at my phone so often. I promised to put my phone away over the weekend until she and her sister were in bed.

Why? Because there is the possibility that when she said “Mummy, you’re always looking at your phone.” what she really meant was; “I need you more than Facebook needs you” or worse “Do you need your phone more than you need me?”

Oh it’s all too MUCH!!

I wondered if it is precisely because they don’t have their own gadgets that they have noticed me on mine? Perhaps if they were glued to an iPad they wouldn’t really think twice about it? Their heads would be cast downwards and not looking at me, looking at my phone!

I am so glad that my daughter gave me this kick up backside. I really am. And I’m making a conscious effort to be phone free when I’m around them because I really do think that’s important.

But it IS a little bit of an inconvenience if I’m honest. Blogs don’t write themselves! Videos don’t get made if I don’t sit and edit them! Social media is only social if you engage with it! So what am I to DO?

I need a hide-away, somewhere I can escape to, a room of one’s own that I can legitimately lock myself away in, without social services being called. Somewhere that I can visit frequently throughout the day and no-one will wonder what I’m doing…


6 thoughts on “Mummy, Get off your phone!

  1. Well, the wine-laptop-loo is one solution! I’m trying to make more of an effort to stay off my phone around my daughter but damn, it’s hard sometimes, because toddlers can be really, really boring. #stayclassymama


  2. I am guilty of too much phone-time too, yes, even in front of my toddler. And he has mentioned it to me in a casual, innocent, toddler-ish way, but it did make me realise that they notice these things… it was the wake-up call I needed! That’s not to say I’m phone-free but I do make a conscious effort to not check social media and the lot when playing with my son. Lovely post, thanks.


  3. Or at least get better at hiding when I want to check Facebook! Haha I laughed at this. I tried the last few months to not use my phone when my son is around..which means my OH is ignored. And that I use it in the bath which means one day soon I will drop it. I am also a toilet tweeter which prompted my son to ask the other day if I am ALWAYS pooing…great. Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama x


  4. My kids don’t call me out yet but my husband is constantly having a dig at me for being on my phone! I would hide in the loo seems to be a public place in my household and everyone is free to come and go as they please while I’m in there so I would get caught out no doubt. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama


  5. Oh my god this is what im afraid of! My 3yo keeps saying put phone away when im taking pics so i have to mentally make an effort not to be on it too much but its hard!! Great post xx


  6. This is a wake up call for me actually, I really need to be on mine less around my daughter. Even in the park pushing the swing i’ll get on it.. it’s bad. Thanks for the wake up call! #StayClassyMama


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