Honey Lodge Review

The last time we had a whole night of wine and food and a child free sleepover was over 10 years ago, before the arrival of no less than 5 children. So when we were offered the chance to stay in a newly refurbished holiday let near Canterbury there was not a lot of thought required.

“Do you want a whole night of wine, food, hot tubbing, giggling and uninterrupted sleep with your best friend?”

“Erm… Yep!”

As the day drew closer we were like a couple of children at Christmas – counting down by the number of sleeps – or non-sleeps; our children all seem to think sleep is overrated. They much prefer nose-bleeds and nightmares.

On the actual day we could barely contain our excitement.  If you’ve been wondering why your dog was crying on Saturday 25 June at around 3pm, we can only apologise for the knife-like soprano shrieking. (Did we mention that we hadn’t done this for 10 years?)

After explaining to our children that us mummies were going to do some ‘work’ and that we’d be back in the morning we made a swift exit and ran for the car!

Honey Lodge is in Blean, just beyond Canterbury and the holiday let is one of three on the site and one of six Kent Cottage Holidays altogether. We parked the car in our allocated parking space and ventured through a gate at the side of Honey Lodge. Nothing prepared us for how beautiful the scene would be.


A large garden complete with hot tub and sauna looked out across stunning fields and woodland, it was calm and incredibly peaceful. We found the key in the security box as per our arrival instructions – which were emailed to us promptly after our booking confirmation and contained everything we needed to know before and during our stay.

Opening the door we felt a bit like Goldilocks – sneaking into a house in the woods. Although Goldilocks didn’t run around high fiving her best friend and giggling because she couldn’t believe her luck.

Honey Lodge is a beautiful wood cabin hand built by the owners, Michelle and Chris. It is easy to see that a lot of love and thought has gone in to the creation of this homely cottage and the reclaimed log features that form an integral part of the structure, make the place feel as though it has simply grown on the land.  The abundance of pine is juxtaposed with fabulous fabric sofas, a cinema screen TV and DVD. If home entertainment is your thing, you would have everything you need. The large bathroom/ wet room contains a huge shower and was immaculate and in there our freshly laundered robes and slippers were hung invitingly for us. The bedroom was equally well presented with a king size bed, chest of drawers, dressing table with mirror and a wardrobe. The ample furniture doesn’t make the bedroom feel cramped at all, there is plenty of space. The whole place was spotlessly clean and a hamper full of local goodies was waiting for us on the side. Nice.

Beautiful country style kitchen, fully equipped with everything you might need – including scissors to open the hamper and a tea strainer to sieve bits of cork from Prosecco..
Comfortable open plan living area, quirky furniture and projector screen TV and DVD – Although TV wasn’t on our to-do list, we did follow the instructions in the handy manual in the lodge and can confirm the TV and DVD player worked a treat.
Super comfy king size bed – dressing table, mirror, chest of drawers and wardrobe were all in there too, with plenty of space.
The shower and wet room is spacious and immaculate
Some pampering goodies

Once we’d had a good nose around, pinched ourselves a few times and regained control of our facial muscles, we loaded the fridge with our supplies and set about unwrapping the hamper which was choc-full of local goodies. We both agreed the hamper was a nice touch and made us feel more than a bit spesh. We won’t spoil the surprise by revealing what was in it – but we have left a few clues throughout this review.

Here’s a short video of Louise being a hamper idiot:

Then it was time for a cup of tea and one or two delicious chocolates – from the hamper.


tea and chocs
Sarah can’t quite believe she’s going to finish a HOT cup of tea!

Time to investigate the hot tub! Swimming cossies on, we removed the lid to reveal the steaming tub of joy. Stepping in to the heated pool was pure bliss and the hour and a half we spent chatting, drinking prosecco and giggling in there was a real high light of the trip.

It was sacred grown up time – and we’re not being kinky. If like us, you’re lucky if you get to take a dump in peace, let alone hold a two sided conversation with another adult, without interruption, then you will understand why this was such a treat for us.

This on its own was a holiday.


After all the hot tub shenanigans we were starting to feel hungry so we decided to put the beautiful bespoke kitchen to the test. Back in the pre-sprogs days, cooking up a yummy feast and drinking a bucket of wine before passing out was kind of our thing so it was wonderful to do that again. And of course there were many immature yet hilarious text messages to our respective husbands about us having a lovely time massaging our breasts with rosemary. Obviously they had questions.. like who is Rosemary? and could we send photographic evidence of this activity?


Honestly, they really are perverted creatures.

The kitchen was a pleasure to cook in and the oven, hob and dish washer worked perfectly.

And all this to a soundtrack of Flight of the Conchords – which we haven’t listened to for fudging ages but which still makes us howl.

The kitchen was very well equipped with everything we needed, including a strainer to remove bits of cork from the Prosecco after an ‘incident’ ..

More Prosecco was consumed with dinner before we headed back to the hot tub for a pre-bedtime dip. It’s a hard life, but in the name of blogging we thought we should do it.


We HAVE to re-visit to try the sauna!


Everything was provided to light the wood burner in the sauna, and had we been there longer I’m sure we would have tried it out.

After being suitably warmed in the bubbling water and discovering all the lights in the hot tub and around the garden we decided to get some sleep. The prospect of a night of uninterrupted sleep was quite possibly one of the most anticipated perks of this whole adventure.

Oh the sleep! THE SLEEP THOUGH!

We awoke in the morning completely at our own pace. Nobody pulled our hair or told us they urgently needed a poo, nobody screamed because they’d just had a nightmare about a crocodile, we just opened our eyes, gradually remembered where and who we were and padded out to the kitchen for a cup of hamper tea in total peace, save for the sounds of the wild life waking up around us. What a way to start the day.

Breakfast of hamper jam on toast and fresh strawberries was held in the beautiful garden, washed down with some hamper fruit juice.


Suddenly reality hit us, we were going to have to leave this beautiful place and head home. Oh no! We’d just experienced a freedom that we hadn’t known for a whole decade. We felt 10 years younger.

Declaring to ourselves that we would do this more often from now on, like maybe once every five years, we accepted our fate and got ready to leave. We used every single minute of our time. We both had a shower in the beautiful bathroom, then we packed our bags, made the beds, tidied up, loaded the dishwasher and took lots more photos for our review. We learned not to turn the dishwasher on whilst the other person is in the shower as it seems to do something to the water temperatures. There was a bit of yelping at one point.

We loaded all of our things into the car before going back to the lodge one more time to say goodbye. We’d become quite attached to our temporary home.



We had a truly wonderful night at Honey Lodge and judging by all of the comments in the guest book on the coffee table, so had all of the previous guests.

If you are looking for some adult-only down time with friends or other couples (It sleeps 6) then you won’t be disappointed by Honey Lodge. The place is the perfect getaway and the lodge itself has a warm and cosy vibe. With it’s country style kitchen and log burner, we reckon it would be awesome in the colder months too. It provides comfort and luxury without being pretentious or ostentatious. It is simply perfect.

Don’t take our word for it. You can find and book Honey Lodge here:  Get me to Honey Lodge asap!

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We’d like to say a huge thank you to Kent Cottage Holidays for allowing us to review this amazing place. We had a brilliant stay and we would love to come back to try the sauna.

Of course, should you wish us to review any of your other properties we would be happy to oblige.. 😉

Sarah and Louise XX

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