Two small posts, One giant leap..

This time last year we posted our first ever blog posts. One each. Since then we have posted a whopping 53 more times between us! It seems that the joys and jollops of parenting and motherhood offer an endless stream of creative inspiration. Who knew? Here's a small selection of our favourites: “My socks are wonky!!!!” … Continue reading Two small posts, One giant leap..

Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…

  December is here, the advent calendars are open and Christmas is just around the corner. For some people this is a time of joy and excitement. My children, for example, are deliriously happy and excitable. I however, have momentarily lost my Christmas enthusiasm, because it’s also that time of year once more, when we … Continue reading Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…

Sleep Deprived Mummy

Sleep deprived mummy hasn’t slept for 3 years. Sleep deprived mummy’s baby wakes her up twice in the night for milk feeds. Sleep deprived mummy’s toddler wakes her up 18 times a night, because she likes to exercise control. On the very rare occasion that the baby and the toddler do not wake mummy up, … Continue reading Sleep Deprived Mummy

Advocate Mummy

Advocate Mummy is one of those people who likes to tell her friends, who don’t have children, how wonderful it is to have them. Advocate Mummy can’t wait for her childless friends to start their own families and join the Mummy club. Advocate Mummy tries her hardest to make other people broody by making them … Continue reading Advocate Mummy

10 signs that you are a professional Mum

“Mum! Where’s my shoes?” “Mum! Can you wipe my bum?” “Mum! The baby has sicked on the carpet.” “Mum! The dog has sicked on the baby!” “MUUUMM! We’re staaarving!” Does this sound familiar to you? Yes? Well then you may well be what is known as a ‘professional’ Mum. Or ‘Mum’ for short. The role … Continue reading 10 signs that you are a professional Mum