The Funny Side of Infertility

I will start this blog post by stating categorically that infertility is no laughing matter. It is perhaps one of the most devastating, non-life-threatening conditions that we suffer as humans and I would argue that it’s something that only those who have experienced it, can truly understand. During my ten year battle with this nightmare … Continue reading The Funny Side of Infertility

Maybe I’m Crazy – Dealing with anxiety, life and motherhood

People don’t believe me when I tell them that I suffer with severe anxiety, apparently I don’t seem the ‘type’. But suffer is probably the best term for it. As I write this, it feels like there is a tight band around my head, the more I think about it the tighter it becomes. My … Continue reading Maybe I’m Crazy – Dealing with anxiety, life and motherhood

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Party, Party, Party! That’s what our lives have become since having children. One glitter filled, sugar fuelled social event after another. And oh how we love to be plunged into a room of strangers and their hyperactive, sweaty, crying offspring. I particularly enjoy buying presents for a child/ren whom I have never met and so … Continue reading It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

All That Faff

Do you remember 'popping into town' with your friends for a bit of shopping and lunch... and a bit more shopping? Do you remember how much fun that was? Trying things on, finding shoes that match your outfit. And more shoes that match the other outfits you've just bought? Time to browse. Time to think. … Continue reading All That Faff

What to do with two under two

Well here I am – I’ve made it! This week marks my youngest baby’s 2nd birthday. To be honest I’m sure he’s only one, but the calendar and his sudden liking for tantrums, screaming, hair pulling and shouting “MINE” when he steals his siblings’ belongings tell me otherwise. When I discovered I was pregnant with … Continue reading What to do with two under two

Two small posts, One giant leap..

This time last year we posted our first ever blog posts. One each. Since then we have posted a whopping 53 more times between us! It seems that the joys and jollops of parenting and motherhood offer an endless stream of creative inspiration. Who knew? Here's a small selection of our favourites: “My socks are wonky!!!!” … Continue reading Two small posts, One giant leap..