Hello, I am Sarah and I am a mum of three young children aged 7 years, 2 and a half years and the youngest is almost a year old. I am a qualified Early Years Practitioner, Primary school teacher, baby signing instructor, Infant massage instructor and reflexologist. (What can I say? I like learning new things!)

I don’t do all of the above at the same time, they are things I have learned along the way.

I also happen to be the granddaughter of Thelma Wrathall – a formidable woman, who is sadly no longer with us, but a lady who has made a huge impact on my life. Hence the link to Thelma and Louise. She too was a teacher and mother of three and far better at written English than I could ever be, but I think she would approve of this venture and I am sure she will be correcting my terrible grammar from where ever she may be!

I live in a tiny cottage in the beautiful Kent Countryside and in my mind my life is a rural idyll of “Country Living” style activities. Wood burners, boot rooms, luxurious soft furnishings, woollen carpets and maybe a horse in the extensive paddock!

In reality my life is far more ‘interesting’. The house is generally a tip, we do have a wood burner… I hang all of the washing in front of it to dry, there are mice, spiders, rats and a variety of other creatures who share our home (I once had to remove a pheasant from the bathroom with a broom and a loaf of Hovis, but that’s another story!)

There is mud…Oh so much mud and the “boot room” is a dirty plastic box slung on the floor by the back door. We have no money and the car (an old Renault, not a Landrover) is falling apart, but most importantly it is a happy home. My children seem content, they play, they paint, they make…mess mainly and they spend lots of time outside. My husband and I occasionally have time to sit back and enjoy it all too – in between the never ending rounds of jobs that always need doing! We and busy and we are needed.

I have the best family and friends I could wish for and I do consider myself to be very lucky.

Sarah and Louise 9