End of an Era

I’ve just got back from dropping both of my children off at school. Yes both. For today is the day that our youngest child begins the mammoth journey that is primary school. I’ll be honest, I’m trying to muster some emotions around the whole thing. Do I feel sad that she is now enveloped in … Continue reading End of an Era

All the fun of the fair

Last weekend was the summer fair at my daughters school. She’s just coming to the end of year 1 so this was our second experience of the annual event. The first year it seemed like a fun day out, the sun was shining, there were stalls to look at, a bouncy castle and hot dogs … Continue reading All the fun of the fair

School run fun!

  Having children is stressful, there is no doubt about it. Having three young children is a little more stressful. Having three young children and trying to leave the house ON TIME is so stressful it’s almost impossible! (Having more than three children is beyond my comprehension! You deserve a medal and a bloody MBE!) … Continue reading School run fun!